Mstick Release notes

Ver 1.1.7

1. Added function of Display size 2. Fixed and Improved Connection errors 3. Fixed Minor bugs

Ver 1.1.1

1. Improved Car compatibility 2. Improved Performance 3. Support High-resolution (720P) 4. Improved Microphone function 5. Improved Call scenario

Ver 1.1.2

1. Fixed the connection problem of Ver 1.1.1 2. Improved the abnormal problem in some models of Hyundai/Kia

Ver 1.1.4

1. Improved Car compatibility 2. Improved Audio noise 3. Support USB GPS 4. Added settings of Navigation bar 5. Added function of Auto launch on boot 6. Added function of Delay the boot time

Firmware v1.1.7 / Apps v1

1.Improved car compatibility

2.Fixed and improved errors